I have studios in New York City and Santa Fe.   I draw artistic inspiration from my surroundings and generally have at least two series in process.  The common theme is people.  For me, the human figure has always been the most interesting and challenging subject.

I started drawing at an early age -- doing pastel portraits from pictures in Vogue.  I still like to paint fashion, rendering the figure clad in lush colors and textures.  Studying at the Art Students League in New York, I paint models of all ages and sizes, dressed and undressed.

One long-running theme combines fashion illustration and self-portraiture, with a twist.  Unlike traditional self-portraits, these under-expose my identity.  While my friends recognize me in these paintings, they also speak to a larger audience.  Collectors identify with the pieces, whether because of a perceived resemblance or because of the feeling or mood evoked.

My preference is to paint from a live model, but I also use photographs.  All of my self-portraits are from photos.  I paint in oils, and use various media for drawing.

Most of my paintings are life size and my goal is accuracy plus a compelling composition.  I think that good painting begins with good drawing and am always working to improve my draftsmanship, working from life when possible.